My Prediction Comes True…

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In my previous post I made a prediction:

Without a doubt, the climate change alarmists will continue to flood the media with nonsensical articles that credit human-caused global warming/climate change for either causing or intensifying the hurricane. You can bet your bottom dollar on it. (Source…)

I subsequently posted a reply to a friend, Keith Noren, from Huntsville, AL. In the reply, I cited 25 examples of climate change alarmists claiming that Hurricane Harvey was directly responsible for either causing or enhancing the strength and intensity of the hurricane. Keith posted a response to my reply to my in which which criticized my list. he posted the following comment:

Keith: As for Galveston, Harvey (also a Cat 4) will not be nearly as catastrophic because of better building today (e.g. strict, regulated building codes, no Galveston sea wall) and the landfall of Harvey is a less urban setting. No one is saying Harvey will be as bad, but that has not stopped David from hoping someone will (and lambasting them, Don Quixote comes to mind). But Harvey has been “catastrophic” to those affected. (Source…)

Keith completely missed the point of of my post. I was not declaring that Harvey would be worse than previous hurricanes that had hit the coasts of Texas. I did, declare, however, that contrary to past hurricanes, the severity of Harvey was being blamed or associated with global warning. I also declared that the alarmist media was going crazy writing nonsensical articles claiming that global warming is directly associated with global warming. I was correct. As I write this post, Harvey is continuing  nearly full throttle.  And the alarmists articles continue to appear in huge numbers. Many have been written in the last 24 hours. Here are 32 examples which represent only a partial list:

My prediction has came true. Climate change activists are flooding the media with articles claiming that Harvey is the prime example of what climate change can do to a hurricane. Nine of the all time top 10 worst hurricanes to hit the US occurred before 1970. The concept of global warming, now called anthropogenic climate change, didn’t exist before 1988. Pray tell how do the alarmists explain why and how the following hurricanes were formed or influenced;

       1.  1935 Labor Day
       2. 1969 Camille
       3. 1992 Andrew
       4. 1886 Indianola
       5. 1919 Florida Keys
       6. 1928 Lake Okeechobee
     T7. 1926 Great Miami
     T.7 1960 Donna
      8. 1961 Carla
   10. 1916 Texas Hurricane

Obviously the climate alarmists have no answer for what caused or influenced the any of them. The notion that climate change has suddenly reared his ugly head to cause or influenced current hurricanes is pure nonsense.

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