Climate Alarmists Flooding the Media with Nonsense


As sure as the sun comes up in the east on a clear day, one could predict the global warming alarmists would flood the media with the nonsensical prediction that the first hurricane to hit the US in more than a dozen years would be blamed on human-caused climate change. Unbelievable! No, if one understands the weird thinking of climate change alarmists, it’s very believable.

Well before the eye of Hurricane Harvey moved ashore near Rockport, TX, numerous articles blaming the storm on climate change were posted.

A good source for climate change nonsense is the Climate Progress blog. In one of the lead articles (Warmer waters are fueling Hurricane Harvey’s power) the two following paragraphs appeared:

The hurricane’s strength can be directly tied to our warming climate. Waters in the Gulf of Mexico, where Harvey is forming, are five degrees higher than normal. Warm waters help fuel hurricanes, increasing wind speeds while allowing the air to hold more water, which will eventually fall as rain.

As Texans flee for higher ground, the oil and gas infrastructure that lines the state’s coast will remain in the heart of the storm. There is a bitter irony to the idea that a storm, strengthened by human-caused climate change, carries the potential to destroy the very oil infrastructure that has contributed so much warming to our world.

Pure nonsense…

The San Antonio Express-News posted an article with the following headline: Harvey’s intensity and rainfall potential tied to global warming. Coupled with the headline, the following two paragraphs are revealing.:

Global warming is making the oceans hotter, fueling the intensity and flooding potential of storms like Harvey, climate scientists said as the hurricane approached.

As the Earth’s climate warms because of human burning of fossil fuels, scientists have seen tropical cyclones become more intense and predict they will continue doing so.

Complete nonsense… Check the comment stream for some good responses.

As I write this, it has been an hour since Harvey came on shore.  Earlier today, Anthony Watts posted the following blog article: Hurricane Harvey: likely to be the next “Katrina” and “Sandy” for climate alarmists. At the end of the article he posted the following headlines you’ll likely see:

  • Harvey’s rainfall was made worse due to climate change/global warming
  • Harvey’s flooding was made worse due to climate change/global warming
  • Harvey’s storm surge was made worse due to climate change/global warming
  • Harvey’s maximum sustained winds were made worse due to climate change/global warming
  • Harvey spawned more tornadoes due to climate change/global warming
  • More storms like Harvey are in our future due to climate change/global warming

Without a doubt, the climate change alarmists will continue to flood the media with nonsensical articles that credit human-caused global warming/climate change for either causing or intensifying the hurricane. You can bet your bottom dollar on it.

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