A True Consensus…


On successive weekends climate change alarmists have gathered themselves together in large bunches hither and yon across the country to dress up in goofy costumes and carry silly signs to march for science. For years these strange people have been boasting about a so-called “97% Consensus” among scientists about climate change.  The truth of the matter is that the claim is amazingly bogus. One skeptic blog, however, exposed the factitious claim and compiled a list of 97 Articles Refuting The “97% Consensus”.  The “97% Consensus” claim is little more than 200 tons of hot air sans all the CO2 on the planet.

I’m convinced that 97% of all climate marches are hot air. A quick google search will reveal literally hundreds photos of climate marchers over the past weekend. Some are humorous. Some are crazy. Some are pointless. Some are dumb. Some expose ignorance of those carrying signs. And some are just plain lewd. Here’s sharing some of the best of the ridiculous, wild and crazy photos.

*Climate Change Facilitates Mass Murders
*Lock Him Up
*Thanks Dad I
*Thanks Dad II
*Mother Earth Least Favorite
*Rewild the Planet
*Indict Tillerson
*Climate Jobs Justice
*F… Trump
*Don’t Kill
*The Only Good Thing
*Climate Change is Real
*Earth is Melting
*Go Vegan in 1 Day
*Goofy Golfer
*Rising Sea Levels
*Extinc tion
*Dump Trump
*Snowman in Denver – Climate March in the snow touting global warming
*Debate is Over – Only it isn’t. That’s just bogus.
*Living in a hot planet – …in the cold snow in Denver
*Dumb golfer
*Climate Change = more poverty, war, refugees
*I don’t want to drown
*Stop the shutoffs
*Just breathe – Crazy… HAHAHAHA
*The Oceans are rising and so are we – Yeah sure in the snow in Denver HAHAHAH
*…Water is wet – Oh really? HAHAHAHAHAH
*Climate change is real – Sad, forlorn expression in the snow in Denver. Poor soul.
*Angry marcher in Denver
*Too Darn cold to march – in Denver
*Earth is real … President a Fake
*We Can change – Change what???
*It gets hot in here – How hot in the cold snow??? HAHAHAHA
*Stop eating animals – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
*Marching with sign on my head
*Hottest year on record – in the cold, cold snow. HAHAHAHAHAHAH
*Global warming is real – Yeah sure, while marching in 6″ of cold snow. HAHAHAHAHA
*Planet over oil – by a cold iron
*Keep it in the ground – Native Americans don’t want no oil…
*Where do I even start?
*Climate Change Denial Kills – HAHAHAHAHA
*I Love Arth
*Forelorn Tree Hugger – HAHAHAHAHAHA
*For Rent
*Don’t Drown our Town
*Pruitt the Polluter
*Hey Trump…
*Chief Con Man
*I Love Climate Deniers – HAHAHAHA
*Climate Action – in the snow.
*A 97% dog. – Wonder what the other 3% is? Maybe a cat… HAHAHAHAH

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