The CON-sensus: The History of the ‘97% Consensus’ Claims On ‘Global Warming’


The so-called ‘97% consensus’ on global warming is one of the most ridiculous pieces of garbage propaganda ever to be propagated by the climate change alarmists. There’s an old adage that Americans should know well by now — tell a lie enough times and people will believe it’s the truth.  In 2013, an Australian researcher, John Cook, wildly claimed there’s a 97 percent consensus on global warming research. Of course such a notion is a blatant lie. The alarmists fell for the it hook line and sinker. Now, four years later  they are continuing to propagate the silly lie.

In a Senate Committee hearing in 2015, Sen. Ted Cruz questioned Aron Mair President of the Sierra Club concerning the “97% Concensus” theory.  In the 13 minute questioning session, Senator Cruz literally destroyed the inept and ignorant radical environmentalist. It’s one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. Cruz exposed Mair to be nothing short of an idiot. Here’s a link to the video:  Deconstructing the 97% Consensus. It doesn’t get more hilarious than this.

Two days ago (6:21 AM 03/05/2017), Michael Bastasch wrote an excellent article about the so-called concensus. Here’s the link the article: Let’s Talk About The ‘97% Consensus’ On Global Warming .

Global Warming/Climate Change alarmists don’t have a clue. I suppose they will never give up on trying to convince the gullible public that the “97% consensus” on global warming is reality. Global warming skeptics will have the last laugh now and forever…

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