GISS Climate Temperature Fraud


Example of NASA GISS manipulation of global temperatures, comparing 2001 data to manipulated 2015 data.

One of the many sources used by climate change alarmists is the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS).  GISS is a laboratory in the Earth Sciences Division of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and a unit of the Columbia University Earth Institute. The institute is located at Columbia University in New York City.

GISS was established in May 1961 to do basic research in space sciences in support of Goddard programs. However, in the early 1980s GISS became one of the go-to source for data supporting theories of anthropogenic global warming. In 1981 Dr. James Hansen became the director of the agency. He served as director for 32 years (1981-2013). His claim to fame is becoming known as the father of of global warming alarmism. His rise to notoriety came when he gave shockingly alarmist testimony about global warming before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Global warming alarmism (now termed climate change alarmism) can be traced directly back to James Hansen and June 23, 1988.

For Hansen, anthropogenic climate change is literally a matter of life or death. His every waking moment exists to warn the world of terrible dangers of human caused climate change, which of course doesn’t exist in reality. Hansen and his followers are convinced that all of the climate catastrophes from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to, and including,  all future climate catastrophes are directly traced to human activities, primarily activities related to the burning of fossil fuels.

In 2009, he penned a horrifying book entitled, Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity. The gist of the book, which I’ve read, is that it’s basically hopless for future humanity  unless the globe is completely weaned off all forms of fossil fuels. It doesn’t get more alarmist or horrifying to the gullible public than to hear the existence only a “last chance” to save humanity. To sane thinking people, this sort of thinking is insanity.

I digress. I shall now address the the fraudulent activity of GISS which occurred under the 32 year period of James Hansen’s leadership. The majority of climate change alarmists are fond of giving most of their attention to GISS. For more than a decade it has been widely known that the major temperature datasets have been manipulated by alarmist scientists. They have been subtly manipulated so as to support the notion of catastrophic warming and climate change. This fraudulent activity has been widely documented.

The example in the active image in the header of this post is just one of many which delineates how GISS scientists have manipulated temperature data sets. This post by blogger, Tony Heller, explains how GISS manipulated the datsasets. Basically the way GISS scientists manipulated the data sets was they went back and “adjusted” (manipulated) earlier global temperatures down to give the appearance of cooler temperatures. Simultaneously, they “adjusted” later data up to give the appearance of much warmer temperatures. The results was a massively altered  global temperature data over the past 15 years, to double global warming.

Here’s a Real Science Blog post which documents temperature data tampering by GISS and the United States Historical Climatology Network (USHCN), which is a government agency.

   *Data Tampering At USHCN/GISS

Here is a post by the C3 Headlines Blog which documents no less that 120 bogus climate graphs that were manipulated to give the appearance of massive warming where there was none. The source and explanation of all graphs are thoroughly documented:

  *Fabricating Fake Temperatures – Charts Documenting Adjustments & Manipulations

Here are three articles that discuss how GISS (and other alarmist agencies) manipulated temperature data to give the appearance rapid catastrophic warming:
  *The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever
  *“Massively Altered” …German Professor Examines NASA GISS Temperature Datasets
  *Climategate, the sequel: How we are STILL being tricked with flawed data on global warming

Conclusion:  Over the past two decades in the proponents of anthropogenic global warming/climate change have become predictably wrong and predictably out of touch with reality. In order to bolster their their false claims they resort to manipulating the existing data.

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