EPA Will Now Be in Good Hands…


Scott Pruitt at his confirmation hearing to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

For decades the Environmental Protection Agency has been the enforcer of junk climate science policies created by alarmist scientists who blindly accepted the propaganda of the most prominent gloom and doom prophets of anthropogenic global warming. In his recently released and timely book, Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA, author Steve Milloy says this about the Environmental Protection Agency:

“The EPA has over the course of the last 20 years marshaled its vast and virtually unchallenged power into an echo chamber of deceptive science, runaway regulations and fatally flawed research derived from unethical human experiments. The EPA’s conduct runs the gamut from subtle statistical shenanigans to withholding key scientific data, from seeking to rubberstamp baseless research data to illegally spraying diesel exhaust up the noses of unsuspecting children and other vulnerable populations.”

In a Principia Scientific International blog article, Julie Kelly wrote:

“For eight years, President Obama used the agency as his de facto enforcer of environmental policies he couldn’t pass in Congress even when it was controlled by his own party. If Obama was the climate-change bully, then the EPA was his toady, issuing one regulation after another aimed at imaginary polluters who were allegedly causing global warming. Jobs were lost, companies were bankrupted, and an untold amount of economic growth was stymied out of fear of reprisals from this rogue”

The days of climate change propaganda being rammed down the throats of the good people of this country have come to a screeching halt. The days of deceptive science, runaway regulations and fatally flawed climate research are over. Much to the chagrin of the hysterical Democrat Senate committee members, all 10 of whom boycotted the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing, Pruitt was nominated for a full senate vote to the EPA cabinet position. (*See articles below)

Climate change alarmists live in a world of alternate realities. Theirs is a world of predictions about sudden rising global heat waves, melting arctic regions, arctic death spirals, historic rising sea levels, catastrophic climate tipping points, dying polar bears & penguins, none of which has, or ever will, come to pass in our life time. Nothing about climate change reality is in their vocabulary. Their vocabulary is dominated by themes of gloom and doom. All present and future climate catastrophes —of which there are few and naturally generated— are blamed squarely on human caused activities. Their enemies are fossil fuels, coal, CO2, and, of course, those eeevil “climate deniers.”

President Trump’s selection of my fellow Oklahoman, Scott Pruitt, is great.  He will most certainly help bring sanity to the EPA. Sanity at this agency has been completely void for multiple decades, yea for more than a quarter century. The EPA will now be in good hands.

*Dems boycott committee vote, but Republicans approve President Trump’s EPA pick Scott Pruitt
*Scott Pruitt, Trump’s E.P.A. Pick, Is Approved by Senate Committee
*Dems boycott committee vote, but Republicans unanimously approve Trump’s EPA pick
*Despite Dem Boycott Scott Pruitt Wins Committee Approval to Run Trump’s EPA

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