Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Count me in the number of people who are extremely excited about Donald Trump’s election to the POTUS. I confess that I was very reluctant to pull the lever for him. I had to hold my breath and nose simultaneously while casting my vote.  His arrogant and abrasive personality rub me the wrong way. But compared to Hillary Clinton, in my humble opinion, he’s an angel. I didn’t vote for him because he’s a Republican. I didn’t vote for him because he’s a wealthy man. There are scores of reasons I wouldn’t have voted for him, but to have a congenital liar and misfit of a person like Hillary Clinton as my President for the next four years would have been almost unbearable.

I confess that I don’t spend much time or energy discussing secular politics with my friends. In fact, I almost never discuss politics with anyone other than my immediate family. When I was a teenager, my wise earthly father once told me, “Son, don’t ever discuss politics or religion with friends. It’s the quickest way to turn your friends into enemies.” I became a Baptist preacher in my early 20’s and did find a way to to discuss religion. Discussing religion was never a problem for me because that was my life’s occupation.

I’m still not sure about Trump’s agenda on numerous issues, but there are several points on which I very much agree with him. Very high on the list is his overall position on Climate Change. Gone are the days when AGW alarmists will have free reign on pushing the draconian climate change policies. Gone are the days when the faux climate change scientists will look to U.S. governmental agencies and the UN to fund ridiculous climate change policies which cost millions and billions of American taxpayer dollars. It’s now clear to those who observe reality that better days are ahead for sound minded credible climate scientists.

The future is very bright for climate change skeptics. They are ready to get down to the serious business of working with a Trump Administration to begin overhauling the U.S. climate and energy policy and battling the climate activists and their ill-gotten agenda achieved through bypassing democracy. The time for a Clexit has arrived, a U.S. exit from the UN Paris climate agreement. Trump can now move forward with his scientifically sound and coherent climate and energy policy that he laid out during the campaign. (Source…)

Skeptics look forward to the following Trump climate agenda. Which is:

  1. … to rip up Paris climate agreement
  2. … to dispose of draconian climate rules
  3. … to cancel the Paris climate agreement
  4. … to withdraw any funding for United Nations programs related to global warming.

I find it heartening, even enjoyable, to watch the warmists squirm and weep over Trump’s election. Do I believe the warmists will be less vocal with their propaganda pronouncements? No, not at all. In the foreseeable future warmists will continue the fear mongering unabated.

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!! Happier days are here for the climate change skeptics. And we are laughing all the way to the truth…

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