Idiocy on Steroids…

The last time I wrote a public post to the internet was January 26th.  Since then, I’ve remained publicly silent on climate change  issues. With the 2016 Presidential election in full swing, it’s almost futile to attempt to publicly comment on climate change alarmism. However, the alarmists have gone totally  crazy trying to convince the nation and the world that the greatest threat to US National security is the catastrophic climate change. It’s idiocy on steroids. Several examples can be cited:

The 2016 Presidential Election has taken the wind completely out of the sails of Catastrophic Global Warming/Climate Change proponents. The AGW alarmist machine is inextricably tied to the Democratic Party. Virtually all of the top Democrats (Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and their minions) are  in the tank for the catastrophic climate change agenda. More examples:

Several of the so-called climate change scientists are pushing the “Greatest Threat” meme. Among them are Joe Romm,   James Hansen, Bill McKibben, et. al.

There are literally hundreds of examples of alarmists who have gone bonkers over the notion that climate change is the greatest threat to humanity and U.S. national security. It’s almost astonishing how these people have fallen for such lunacy. They actually believe that climate change has been caused by human activity. They further believe that human actions can change the course of global climate. They fail to understand the simple fact that climate change is both natural and has been in existence for hundreds of millions of years. They fail to understand there is absolutely nothing that humankind can do to control global climate one way or the other.

The 2016 presidential election is six months ahead.  I haven’t a clue who will become the next POTUS. As things stand now, the likelihood of a Democrat President is a real possibility. If either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders succeeds President Obama, the world will experience at least another four to eight years massive catastrophic climate change propaganda campaigns. My genuine hope is that one of the remaining Republican presidential candidates can pull an upset and bring their world of propagandizing crashing down. I’m not too hopeful, however.

One thing is for certain, however, even if a skeptically inclined Republican candidate is elected the alarmists will not cease their lunacy. They will continue their propaganda campaigns unabated. While the fear mongering about changing climate will continue, the vast majority of the world public will observe that all the catastrophic prophetic utterances are little more than idiocy on steroids. There’s nothing humankind can do to control climate one way or the other.

One of these days, hopefully sooner rather than later, the climate change Chicken Littles will be struck on their collective heads with a huge acorn of reality. Reality is that global climate is always changing. There’s nothing they, or any human being on the planet,  can do to change or control global climate. There’s nothing to fear about climate change or global warming. Stop the nonsense.  Be happy. Enjoy life.

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